Our Process

We use the finest Australian Porcelain which allows us to create pieces that are both silky smooth and amazingly translucent.

Each individual piece is handmade in our studio in the hinterland of Byron Bay. 
We start by creating a master form which is then cast in plaster, leaving us with a negative of our original shape.
We carefully hand mix our porcelain slip from powder, making sure the consistency is just right. At this stage, the pigment is added to the slip and further mixing takes place. 
We then pour the slip into our plaster mould, creating a cast of our original form. Careful slow drying takes place before the piece undertakes it's first firing in our kiln at 1000 degrees celsius. Once this firing is complete, we sand and smooth the piece to correct any minor imperfections.
Clear glaze is then applied to the interior of each piece before it's second and final firing at 1300 degrees celsius.
Once the piece has cooled down, it is polished with a diamond file which gives it the most silky smooth, yet raw finishA Signature Trait of all our Pressed + Poured pieces.